Consider the impact a loss of critical
data could have on your Business.

Every day your Business is exposed to new threats! Whether it's from physical threats such as Fire, Tornadoes, Power Outages, Sabotage, Hardware Failure, Theft of Equipment, Human Error or digital threats such as Viruses, Worms and Hacking, Businesses now must be prepared like never before.

 A study by the University of Texas found that "only 6% of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss survive, while 43% never reopen and 51% close within two years."

Data is one of the most critical assets in our businesses today. That means fast recovery of these digital assets is not just a "technical" issue anymore but a critical issue.

80% of companies lack information availability plans.
How about yours?

Our approach is much different than the competition. With theirs, you have to install a software package onto your computers in order for it to communicate with their off-site backup servers. We found fault with that because, what if the required software creates instability in the system it is installed on? What if when itís installed, data is corrupted? And, lastly, what if you donít use a Microsoft-based network? Most remote backup software is designed to be installed on a Microsoft platform.

We looked at these flaws and created our Catapult System©. Our solution is operating platform independent and does not require software to be installed on your computer systems. Instead, we created the software to run on our network appliances and servers so you donít have to worry about compromising your already endangered data. The Catapult is a network appliance that we custom configure and install on-site. This can even be shipped and remotely configured for clients in other regions or across the country. All you have to do is plug it into your existing network with a high-speed Internet connection and we do the configuration.

How it Works...

Depending on the sensitivity of the data to be backed up, it can be backed up as changes occur or as much as different intervals over the time period of a week. Additionally, several "revisions" of the data can be stored for retrieving items that may have changed during the history of backups.

The data is held offsite in disk form where it can be restored quickly and easily. If backup data is needed, it an be restored efficiently back to the system it came from.

You may be asking yourself, how would we know what to back up and what not to? The answer is very simple...we are in the service business. We take the time to talk with you or your IT staff about your business and learn about the data your business revolves around so we can help determine which data cannot be left to chance.

If this sounds like the feeling of security youíd like with your companyís data, please give one of our representatives a call at 641-799-4433 or e-mail us at service@computerpms.com.

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